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Are you ready to convert more prospects into paying clients?

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Hey, I'm L'areal!

It's often been said that sales is a numbers game, but after training over 10,000 sales people and helping hundreds of companies build high-performing sales teams , I can say with confidence that sales is more than a numbers game. High-performing sales teams aren't just getting in front of more people, they have better systems. 


If you want your salespeople to consistently achieve their sales numbers, you need to have the right sales processes in place.



Every struggle is the sign of a missing or broken system.

It doesn't matter whether your salespeople are struggling to get in front of new prospects, they don't know how to create urgency or they spend too much time chasing deals that never close, every sales challenge can be traced back to a process that you either don't have or is not working. 

Here's the good news: Once you get the right sales process in place, your sales cycle will get shorter, your sales people will be more confident because they have a proven framework , and you can spend more time coaching and developing your salespeople instead of "managing" them. 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out your sales process on your own if you don't know:

What questions to ask yourself or your team.

How to look at your process objectively.

How sales and psychology really work. 

How to blend a framework + flexibility.


That's why I help CEOs, Presidents, and business owners map out an effective sales process that helps their salespeople convert more prospects into paying clients. 

Here are three ways we can
Work Together To Streamline and Grow Your Sales
Sales Process Audit

Already have a sales process, but it's not getting the results you want? I will audit your sales process to identify what's missing and what needs to be changed to make your sales process more effective. 

Build Your Process

Is it letting your salespeople "wing it" no longer working? I'll take you through my signature four-step process: Stages, Steps, Scripts, and Skills so you're salespeople have a customized roadmap and the skills to sell with confidence.

Sales Training 

Do your salespeople know how to prospect, qualify, and close deals in the new selling environment? Whether it's one session or a year-long program, I can put together a tailored sales training program to up level your salespeople's skills.

Sounds good, but not sure where or how to start?

Do you have the sales processes your team needs to succeed?

Effective sales teams don't happen by accident. Whether you have a couple of sales people or entire sales department, you have the right systems in place if you want to survive (or thrive) in this pandemic. In this free PDF, you will learn the five must-have sales processes if you want to streamline and scale.





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