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Mastering the Art of Building Rapport

Trust is the core foundation of all good relationships, including sales. However, in sales, you don't always have the benefit of time so you have to be able to establish trust quickly if you want your prospects to open up. During this hands-on workshop, you will learn a powerful tool that will help you establish genuine rapport and speak your prospect's language in a matter of seconds.

Achieving Next Level Success

One of the biggest challenges sales leaders have is keeping their salespeople motivated…so they try a dozen different tactics, but nothing really sticks. What would it be like if you didn’t have to guess? What if your salespeople actually told you what motivates them and then created their own plan to hold themselves accountable? In this fun and interactive workshop, your salespeople will learn how to set goals that truly motivate them and put together a 90-day action plan to keep them on track.

Break the Rules, Close More Sales

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to convince a prospect that you can solve their problem, defending your price, or following up for weeks trying to get a decision, only to get stuck in voicemail jail, there is a better way! During this interactive session, you will learn three strategies you can use immediately to start closing deals quicker and easier

"Awesome session! Easy to grasp! K.I.S.S. Many takeaways. Loved the FREE nuggets of experienced truths."


“L’areal helped me open my eyes on being a consultant vs. being a sales rep. People don’t want a sales rep, they want a relationship and a solution.”


“Fresh, relevant, and useful. I've been to soooo many workshops. So glad to finally have a speaker that is current and a woman."


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